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As an artist, I'm thrilled to have been featured by the following publications/websites. Please feel free to contact me if you're interested in features, collaborations, or using images of my work. Singular prints are for sale through Minted art but can also be purchased by request. 

Photo by: Ariana Clare

Photo by: Ariana Clare

Ruffled Blog

"Not all DIYs are created equal. This one that Kathryn of Studio Cultivate is a clear example that you don’t need to labor over decor in the name of DIY. Instead, you can invest on a few paintings like these ones from artist Kathryn Schermbeck and decorate around them for a big impact at your wedding. These images by Ariana Clare fuses together artistry and an easy project that will be an interesting talking piece at your wedding. Hang it at your ceremony, behind your sweetheart table at the wedding reception, then take them home to decorate your walls for years to come!"

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Almost put together blog

Creative Interview: 

"This week’s creative interview features Katie Schermbeck. I truly love her work and her heart. Through the interview process I realized we are kindred spirits, sharing a passion for creativity, literature, and teaching. Although I wish I could be having coffee with her in North Carolina, our virtual conversations will have to suffice at the moment! I have admired her work on Instagram for a while and I’m so very happy to introduce her to you today!"


Makers Movement Magazine

*Selected feature for the first issue of Maker's Movement Print Magazine, Vol. 1. 2016