tomorrow morning.

tomorrow morning.


Original Art by Katie Watson Schermbeck

Acrylic painting on stretched canvas 

10" x 1.5" x 10"

Artist signature included on the back of the canvas.

*All works are on display until June 1. Therefore, unless noted, purchased pieces will ship within 1 week of June 1. If you wish to have your piece sooner, please contact Katie to discuss a ship date.

*Framing is optional and does not come included. Please email Katie at if you are interested in framing options for an additional cost.

"Feels Like Hallelujah" is a collection of 15 original, canvas paintings that are a reflection on the rarity of life and the ordinary moments that allow us to feel it. The sweetness of a clementine, the vastness of a sunset, the rhythm of tomorrow morning. Each of the works represents something that we easily experience in a day, but is still no less extraordinary.  The encouragement in this collection is to view each experience in isolation so that their commonplace does not dim their beauty. 

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