Katie Schermbeck is a fine artist located in Raleigh, North Carolina. Her use of color and shape take after vibrant sunsets and aim to make you feel more alive.

Step 1.

May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.
— - Nelson Mandela

I've delayed starting this (read: making my work public in a professional way) due to fear. Fear of failure, rejection, disappointment - both in myself & in others. Clearly, an unhealthy way to view something that brought & still brings me so much joy. Unfortunately, fear is something I struggle with in a lot of aspects of my life. The dark, the attic, the middle school mile run, the uncertainty of the future, the dark corners of my heart, the red pen on an essay, the fact that no one will read this. Obviously, I could continue. However, I have OH SO many things to be thankful for, to be inspired by, and to walk confidently in. With this, I believe that the Lord is using his perfect love & my hidden talents in order to encourage me to cast out fear in all areas of my life. 

So this is step 1. I've created this site both as a platform for my work & as a constant reminder to choose to live accordingly to my hopes, not my fears. For me, art is so much more than paint on a canvas - all you artist types will probably agree. I hope to create things that inspire you too to live by your hopes; pieces that will serve as reminders that you were formed by the Creator of the universe & that you too, are a work of art.

in love, 


little projects.