Katie Schermbeck is a fine artist located in Raleigh, North Carolina. Her use of color and shape take after vibrant sunsets and aim to make you feel more alive.

mental health days.

Today I took a day. My 5:34 am alarm went off & at that moment, I just couldn't do it. My body, mind, and heart just felt heavier. And for those of you that also teach, you know that when you're not at 100%, everything is just harder. Therefore, in order to ease some of my anxiety. I took a day for me. 

I tried to fill today with all of the things that I love most or that I'm trying to love more. 

1. sleeping in

2. morning yoga & prayer 

3. chamomile and lavender hot tea

4. simple errands 

5. finishing a painting (below!)

6. espresso + milk

7. apple butter on toast

8.  job applications...

9. emails

10. & grocery shopping

Today was tempting. I wish that I could be on my own clock each day. To wake up when I'm rested, to eat when I'm hungry, and to not feel a sense of anxious urgency every minute. All of which I'm hoping will come once I figure out this whole teaching thing or find peace with how daily life works. 

And now - the planning for tomorrow begins. 



Hopes & Fears // Angie