Katie Schermbeck is a fine artist located in Raleigh, North Carolina. Her use of color and shape take after vibrant sunsets and aim to make you feel more alive.

The hopes and fears of all the years.

a proposal. 


As the Christmas season & the beginning of 2015 approach us - the idea for a mini project has held me captive. Therefore, I'd figured I'd share. But first, a little background on the pictures above. The portion of a painting on the right represents my hope to be content in chaos, to live beautifully no matter my circumstance. And the left represents my fear of becoming hardened & blind to the beauty around me. Now - for an explanation.. 

The idea: 

I've love to hear from some of you that have taken interest in my little creations. More specifically about your hopes & fears. Once submitted, I'd love to paint miniature canvasses (4"x4") depicting both the hope & the fear that you currently hold or have held before. 

The goal(s): 

1. To be more intentional with my work

2. To be a reminder to you that your hopes do outweigh your fears, & if not, they will. 

3. To be an alternative to silly New Years Resolutions. 

The requirements: 

1.  Honesty & vulnerability 

2. Logistically, each project (2 canvases) would be $12. Also, you are welcome to pick them up from me or pay the shipping costs to have them delivered to you. *However, if you would not like to keep the canvases, but would still like to submit ideas, feel free!

Next steps -- 

If you're interested in participating in this mini project, please contact me in any way & list both your hope & fear (be as specific or vague as you would like!) However, please be quick due to the fact that I'll only be working on this until the 1st of the year. Eeep! 

Thanks in advance for your willingness to participate - You guys are the best. 




Hopes & Fears // Leah

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