Katie Schermbeck is a fine artist located in Raleigh, North Carolina. Her use of color and shape take after vibrant sunsets and aim to make you feel more alive.

Hopes & Fears // Leah


FEAR // "Becoming numb to the deep joy that is found in God." (right)

Leah's thoughts definitely resonated with some of my own hopes & fears -- oftentimes I grow anxious about being unaware of the magnificence of God. I'm moving too fast, I'm too preoccupied, I'm simply not looking. However, when I stop & actually begin to take things in, I realize that absolutely everything points back to Him. The sky, the waves, the wind. And even pain, endurance, suffering. But to me, that represents truth. The hope is in wanting to reflect that same light myself, in my work, my relationships, my thoughts, and yes, even in my fears - may they begin to pale in comparison. 

Stay tuned for more, friends -- 



It's been a dreary Sunday here in the Queen City, however, I always find quiet, gray days incredibly refreshing. With the holiday break coming to a close & 2015 well on its way, it's finally time to start sharing some of the responses from the hopes & fears project.

Although Leah & I are new friends, I'm thankful that she's shared a piece of her heart as if we've know each other for years. Below are her two images that represent a great fear & even greater hope.  

HOPE // "Everything is a shadow pointing to the substance: GOD." (top left)

Hopes & Fears // Angie

The hopes and fears of all the years.